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Art Of Problem Solving is a major sponsor for MathCounts and has helped students prepare for success since 1993.

You can visit their websites at these two places: 1 and 2.

You can watch "MATHCOUNTS Minis" here or at this site: 1.

For the soon-to-be Mathletes, Art Of Problem Solving has a Beast Academy for aspiring Math Beasts in grades 2-5, here is their link: 1.

AoPS is proud to be a part of many Mathletes' training, including:

The Art of Problem Solving and Competition Math for Middle School books are part of the AoPS library of books for outstanding math students interested in mastering MathCounts. These books have been used by most of the top students for MathCounts.

AoPS has a MathCounts Trainer app, which is also available in the app store for iPhone and iPad. This is their link: 1. Please note that you are going to need an AoPS Account to play. Here is the link: 1.

Alcumus is our free innovative online learning system. Many of the past MathCounts Competition Problems are included in this game. Again, you need an account to play.

For The Win! is a free online competition which is just like the MathCounts Countdown Round.

Last but not least, our AoPS Minis, featuring AoPS founder Richard Ruscyzk.