A chat moderator is what most users start out as when they become staff. They help to make sure the chat is clean and safe. Think of this is as the chat janitor

A discussions moderator are people that help make sure that the thread/posts are appropriate and can delete those posts if they are inappropriate.

A rollback can revert all edits done by one user. Rollbacks are just behind administrators and can become an administrator later on. These people, however, still have to follow wiki Rules.

An administrator, is a user who has been appointed with extra editing powers for maintenance-based tasks. Another way to think of an administrator is the lead, as they help keep the wiki a clean and better place by deleting/restoring pages, protecting pages, blocking users/IP editors, editing MediaWiki pages, and viewing deleted archives. Bureaucrats also have the ability give other users rollback, administrative, or bureaucratic rights.

Administrators still have to abide by wiki Rules and may have their powers removed either by immediate intervention by a bureaucrat if needed or by standard community discussion. Becoming a Bureaucrat is very hard.

To see a full list of what an administrator can do, see Special:ListGroupRights.


User What They Do Status
Cheetawolfnitrotyper The founder of our wiki. Active
MathleteHauler An administrator that helps with many of the resources. Active
Qwerty91995 An administrator that helps a lot with the competitions. You will most likely see him putting in information in the latest competitions articles. Active


Administrator that helped with many templates and many pages. Currently the user with the most edits on the wiki. Inactive


Administrator that helps out so and so often. Semi-Active

Moderators and Rollbacks

If you are interested in becoming part of staff, click here.

User Position Admission Date Status
Xoom Studios Discussions Moderator April 27, 2016 Active
JackHoagan Rollback April 27, 2016 Active
PhilliesMagic Chat Moderator May 06, 2016 Active
Andrewbomkamp Chat Moderator May 11, 2016 Semi-Active
Tauriel12 Chat Moderator May 11, 2016 Active
ScienceBuddies180 Chat Moderator May 12, 2016 Inactive
F4U-Corsair Chat Moderator June 13, 2016 Inactive
WillBoss999 Chat Moderator, Discussions Moderator July 8, 2016 Semi-Active