This person has been awarded the Blue Ribbon for being an outstanding mathlete at the national competition!

Swapnil Garg is the 2014 MathCounts National Champion. He defeated Kevin Liu in the finals for the 2014 Mathcounts National Competition. He was one step away from being on the USA IOI team, one step away from winning PUMaC, one step away from making IOL, and one step away from winning the MathCounts Chapter Competition in the same year.

He qualified for the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program not once, not thrice, but twice.

He is also a Siemens National Finalists in 2017 for his project that's one step away from curing cancer.

Swapnil is currently a freshman at MIT, where he is one step away from being the best roommate.

Winning Question: Edit

“The smallest integer of a set of consecutive integers is -32. If the sum of these integers is 67, how many integers are in the set?”

Answer: 67